Saturday, December 25, 2010

Horoscope 2011 Aquarius

Horoscope 2011 Aquarius
January 21 - February 19

Horoscope : GENERAL
Astrological climate of this year 2011 is announced in a general way, serene. Indeed, Saturn, Mars and Uranus in dynamic aspects with your sign will soften your bonds with a bigger comprehension, which will be facilitated in a reciprocal way. You collect the fruits of your efforts of last year, you will not have much opportunity to insulate you, but you will be able to transform your chances of new meetings thanks to your sociability, on fertile occasions for the future, in all the fields. The life reduces of weights resulting from the past, and in spite of the fact that you will have for that to confront you with it, you can precisely exceed that to evolve peacefully to the future. This fight is healthy, keep on it.

This year will be stirring up on the relational level. You will meet circumstances which will support the widening of your knowledge, and will transform certain bonds. You here at the end of a cycle, it is the moment to put an end to unstable situations to analyze them. From May 2011, you will have the chance with you for all that refers to the expansion of your activity, its development, or to start a new project. The contacts with your collaborators will be more serene, you will see them more reconciling with you… You will have more talents of diplomacy than usually, it is for you the moment to show your determination, your good will. Team work is necessary in autumn; if you only work, you will be likely best to lead to the longer-term recognition.

The stability of your emotional ties will be the one of your absolute priorities, this year. Indeed, the conjunction of Neptune softens and wakes up in you fears which will cause defence reactions in a constructive direction in your attitude with your partner. The Venus effects in aspect to your Sun will support your efforts in the direction d' a denser expression in love. Moreover, the changes which you set up will start to bear their fruits.

The general climate is tender at the beginning of year. Your loves tint increased tenderness, you will have more resources to reinforce your agreement, the harmony settles, without you losing the intensity in love which holds you with heart. Will be able to reason your requirements if you are alone, the meetings during this time claim efforts in this direction, it is necessary to round the angles, not to appear harder than you are it actually, in spring.

Your spontaneous reactions will be dense in emotions. But for your partner, you do not astonish if he considers them too whole and if you are taxed with susceptibility! If you are single, you will meet events very records, there are projecting meetings in prospect. The love at first sight is not a myth… You will not play shy person well a long time! These new departures made possible in autumn will force you to leave your reserve, but especially to look at your fears opposite: You attract with you the people who without difficulties discover you the most hidden weaknesses.

You will seek to put more order in your administrative business and your accounts, to cleanse certain things, in particular invoices still on standby… the influences of Neptune still very close to your sector encourage you to imagine facility where it does not have unfortunately… But that is counterbalanced by Saturn which allows you to rectify the things where it is needed. Your realism is your best asset. Your reason is a shield against the future possible insecurity. Prepare the ground for future, you will be right to put coast the finally futile expenditure to go to essence !

You know well that tormenting too much you does not make advance your business and withdraws you means of action that however in normal weather, you control… All this concern that you made puts sticks in the wheels to you. Admit that you enlarge the events as by reflex. Saturn indicates that you are exposed to this tendency, this year, which also attenuates your happiest and pleasant moments! Neptune in your sign comes to encourage you with more escape from the material considerations, which overlaps with moments of concern on this same field. Find a point of balance which allows you to act without tensions and all while preserving you of the moments out of time.

The Jupiter effects of last year blur in a progressive way, this year. Little by little, you will see recording your energy level, in particular in contact with the others, and of new knowledge which will be a considerable support with your energy. The impulses of the Sun and Venus irresistibly attract you to insert more relational satisfactions and pleasures in your existence; that positively stimulates you on the mental level but tends to make you go too far in exploration of these pleasures and fact. This is in June that you will be completely capable food fully and without weaknesses the changes which you intend to implement.