Saturday, December 25, 2010

Gemini - Career and Money in 2011:

Stability could finally come your way. The world situation has thrown you into a quandary, but now you're more focused and more likely to succeed at whatever means the most to you. You're working two jobs: one, to keep the wolf from the door, and the other is a project of your own that you're hoping to market.

The first job will bring in money; the second involves a few expenditures - and it also will take more time than you'd thought to bring to fruition.

Hang in there. Aspirations keep us all going. Success will come in time. You're intelligent, funny, and sharp, and most of your colleagues not only like you, but depend on you for new ideas.

The problem is that there may be one or two who envy you, and don't even try to hide it.

This can be confusing, and could make things really uncomfortable for you. Kill them with kindness.

You like to spend more than you like to save - but if you want to build a future, you have to set at least a little more money aside.

Don't grimace; this effort will bear fruit. In 2011, you should get ahead, but don't celebrate by throwing a big bash.

Buy yourself a present - something you really want, but nothing outrageous.