Saturday, December 25, 2010

Gemini - Personal and Social Life in 2011:

Busy as usual, Gemini? You'll make many commitments this year - but you might have troubles keeping them all.

It's better to give an honest "no" than to have to break a promise. Remember that throughout the year.

If you're trying to catch up financially, you could bite off more than you can chew. There may be times when it's wiser to turn down extra work.

What good is a growing account balance when you're too tired to enjoy it? Be realistic. Too often you operate on nervous energy, so you should build yourself up. And don't forget to eat foods that nourish your body.

In spite of the extra hours you're putting in, you should see your family and friends more often in 2011.

Your companions could wonder why you don't call as often. If you explain to them that you're working more, they'll understand. Just make sure they know. Otherwise, your relationships could become strained. June and October should be your best months. Make the most of them!