Sunday, September 18, 2011

The democracy bomb

Among the stupidest platitudes that one all too often hears from U.S. and western hypocrites, the worst is how they portray their own countries as beacons or paragons of freedom and democracy when a quick look, and especially an extended one, will demonstrate otherwise.
When something is built on dishonesty, all else begins to unravel. NATO exposes their evil intentions by their extensive use of lies and trickery. Once again, however, they have overestimated themselves and underestimated the Libyan people. The lies and trickery do not work.
Force and coercion are not considered examples of either freedom or democracy. The term "democracy" has been distorted now to mean only one thing: a democracy does what it is told to do, usually by Washington.
Should the country refuse, then it becomes a "dictatorship" even though the leader may have been elected, such as in the case of Venezuela, or should they have the purest form, such as the Jamahiriya. Next thing you know, the democracy bombs are falling...
This pseudo freedom and democracy they are trying to force down the throats of the Libyan people. What does western style freedom and democracy mean to the Libyan people?
It means thousands of Libyans lying dead in their homes, schools, hospitals, streets...
It means because you have the audacity to support your government and not do what you are told by the almighty Empire, that you will be gunned down by a helicopter.
Or mutilated, executed, beheaded, maimed, burned.

Or pounded with depleted uranium, or white phosphorous.
Or even poison a truckload of that was captured before it could be used. Anything to meet the objective of regime change.

What does "regime change" mean in Libya?
Simply stated, it means taking the country away from the people of Libya, because they are the ones who run the place in reality in their People's Congresses.
It's not a war against Colonel Gaddafi only, but he has been made a symbol by the evil ones of NATO and the west, a symbol of defiance against them.
The democracy bomb. 45401.jpegThe terrorist murderous filthy crud of the NTC has already on numerous occasions declined peace talks, a ceasefire or elections. Their only solution is "Gaddafi must go." It is their intention, given the chance, to murder the Brother Leader, them and their ugly, smelly Nazi NATO masters.
Some people may be fooled by this freedom and democracy nonsense. No one who sees the democracy bomb in action doubts that it's all about theft of Libyan resources: gold, oil, water, the reestablishment of colonial rule in Africa and using Libya for imperialist military bases.
The behavior of NATO during the assault and aggression on Libya has been shocking to say the least. We knew they were cold-blooded evil killers, sick perverts and torturers. We saw them in action in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan, but they have taken things to a level unprecedented, highly reminiscent of the Nazis, the SS and Hitler. In fact, they are beginning to make Nazis look like humanitarians compared to NATO.
Congratulations Ban Ki-Loon and the UN genocide loving, look the other way, see and hear no evil but speak every evil inSecurity Council. Both have betrayed everything the UN is purported to stand for.
Listening to Moon (or NATO garbage) speak is dangerous to the digestive system, one might lose one's last meal.
As for the Libyan Army...I cannot help but be reminded of Stalingrad and Kursk and the Great Patriotic War...the manner in which these heroic defenders conduct the war, their courage, strength, humanity, pure determination and ability to carry out their mission, these Libyan heroes seem to be more of what you would expect from the descendents / children / grandchildren of Stalingrad and Kursk defenders.
One cannot but have total admiration for them and stand in awe at their courageous determination and self sacrifice. Theirs is not an easy task. But they have inspired great hope in the hearts and minds of the defenseless and the oppressed everywhere.
Africa, previously known as the "Dark Continent," has become of beacon of light because of this heroic struggle against imperialism.
Therefore, taking all things into consideration, I expect and firmly believe we will see a similar outcome: the total defeat of fascism.
The sickening display by Sarkozy, Cameron and NTC during their recent visit to Libya exposed the reality on the ground. They are afraid to go anywhere in the country and rightly so. Their pathetic weakness was obvious and exactly the opposite of the perception they were hoping to create for their dutiful, obedient media.
That murderous, genocidal criminal terrorist gang of thugs known as the NTC...Why are the terrorists attempting to sell 29 tons of Libyan gold, when in the very worst of times, Muammar Gaddafi didn't find it necessary to lay a hand on the assets of the Libyan people?
Besides being ugly, murderous racists of shocking savagery and barbarity, the NTC is a bottomless pit.
I guess they are necessary for the NATO Nazis to transform Libya from a completely self sufficient, debt-free, prosperous country into a third world beggar debtor country. Libya must be thrusted backwards, back centuries where the western NATO Nazis wish to push the people of Libya.
NATO uses force, coercion and violence, in total disregard to the will of the people of Libya. They use lies and trickery. They rain death and destruction on an innocent country. They violate the very resolutions that were used to commence their genocidal conquest. They violate international law. They have faciliated and enabled the practice of ethnic cleansing.
The Libyan Jamahiriya, under the leadership of Muammar Gaddafi, has struggled harder than any western leader or country to champion the rights of the poor and abolish racism against black people.
The "no-fly" zone in reality is the "no-live" zone, life is not permitted for anyone not bowing down to the almighty Empire, including and especially the civilians they lied about protecting.
In their greed and desperation, they have forced this fight on Libya. In their inability to manage their own countries and economies, they seek the spoils of war, nowhere men making nowhere plans for nobody.
On the 19th of this month, the question of Libya is going to come up before the United Nations. There is no room for neutrality, for abstentions or for not taking a firm and principled stand. The fences are being shaken. Nations will fall on one side or the other.
The behavior of the UN and the countries therein are going to show us all, they are going to be sifted into wheat and chaff, the honest from the corrupt, the courageous from the cowards.
We shall see exactly what they are made of. They shall place themselves on either side of the fence, either good or evil. Once they are on either side of the fence, there is no turning back, no jumping to the other side and above all, no sitting on the fence. It is decision time.
History will deal harshly with those who took the side of demons, murderers, terrorists, savages, they shall fall in similar fashion into perdition and eternal damnation.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

'Bush lied about 9/11 terror attacks'

Mahathir Mohamad says it is not unthinkable for former US President George W. Bush to lie about who was responsible for the 9/11 terror attacks on the American soil.

In a post published in his personal blog chedet on Friday, former Malaysian prime minister said that the attacks on the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan, New York City, and the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, could not have been carried out by Muslims. The acts of violence could have rather been the work of other groups.

The Malaysian politician pointed out that “for some Americans, the deaths of nearly 3,000 people was not the scariest thing about 9/11. It was realizing who carried out the attack: yes, the American Government.”

Mohamad said although Arab Muslims are angry enough to sacrifice their lives and become bombers, they are not capable of planning and strategizing attacks similar to the 9/11 ones.

“The planning [for the 9/11 attacks] must have taken a considerable length of time. The candidates had to learn to fly in tiny aircrafts…. Planning to hijack four aircraft simultaneously would require great precision in timing and logistics. One aircraft maybe. But four simultaneously!! I don't think extremists from Saudi Arabia can carry out this highly sophisticated operation with such success,” former Malaysian prime minister commented.

Turning to the collapse of the World Trade Center twin towers, he said, “They came down nicely upon themselves without toppling against the other buildings close by. It looks more like planned demolition of buildings than collapse consequent upon being hit by aircraft.”

Mohamad stated, “A third building also collapsed in the same fashion; although it was not hit by any aircraft. What is the explanation for this untouched building, which collapsed upon itself and did not damage other buildings nearby?”

He also questioned the total disappearance of the aircraft, which hit the Pentagon building in Arlington, Virginia. “There was no debris of any kind, no broken parts of the aircraft, no black box, and no human bodies flung into the surroundings. Is it possible for an aircraft to vaporize totally after a crash?” former Malaysian prime minister said.

Mohamad further raised questions over the loss of the fourth aircraft, which was supposed to have crashed in an open field. “Again no sign of any debris. No big crater. Did it vaporize into nothingness? Did the innocent passengers also vaporize?” he stated.

The Malaysian politician noted that the American press was strangely silent about 9/11 attacks.

He also emphasized that Bush is the one that lied about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. “The legacy of the former US president is that two countries (Iraq and Afghanistan) have been devastated, and fratricidal wars have become endemic. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, Afghans and a few thousand of young American soldiers have died. Thousands more are wounded, maimed for life, and suffering from mental breakdowns,” Mohamad pointed out.

Former Malaysian prime minister also said that human lives do not seem to mean much to the former US president.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Choosing English as working language ensured S'pore's survival: Lee Kuan Yew

SINGAPORE: Singapore's former Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, has spoken of how the choice of English as the country's working language has ensured the country's survival.

Launching the English Language Institute of Singapore on Tuesday afternoon, he said that had the nation not chosen English as a working language, it would have been left behind.

Mr Lee said: "When Singapore became independent in 1965, we had a population that spoke a range of different dialects and languages. This was a result of the colonial education system which favoured the English-speaking, but allowed vernacular schools with different mediums of instruction to co-exist.

"Political and economic realities led us to choose English as our working language. 75 per cent of the population then was Chinese, speaking a range of dialects; 14 per cent Malays; and eight per cent Indians. Making Chinese the official language of Singapore was out of the question as the 25 per cent who were non-Chinese would revolt.

"In addition, the geographical reality was and remains today, that Singapore would be economically isolated from the wider world if Chinese was chosen. And China then could not be of much help to our economic development."

He explained that the choice of English as Singapore's "lingua franca" gave all races equal opportunities through a common language to learn, communicate and work in.

Mr Lee added: "We kept our original languages by our policy of bilingualism, allowing opportunities for people to study their respective mother tongues. This built a sense of belonging to their original roots and increased their self-confidence and self-respect. Thus, a united multi-ethnic, multi-lingual people ensured Singapore's survival. Had we not chosen English, we would have been left behind.

"We are the only country in the region that uses English as our working language, the main medium of instruction in our schools. This has given our young a strong advantage of growing up in a multi-cultural multi-lingual society, all speaking the international language of commerce and trade, English, and their mother tongues, Chinese, Malay, Tamil and others as their second languages."

Mr Lee added that it has also benefited Singapore economically. As an English-speaking society, Singapore has drawn foreign talent to its shores as they found it easier to work and live in the country and remain plugged into the global economy.

He said: "There is an intense worldwide competition for talent, especially for English-speaking skilled professionals, managers and executives. Our English-speaking environment is one reason why Singapore has managed to attract a number of these talented individuals to complement our own talent pool.

"They find it easy to work and live in Singapore, and remain plugged into the global economy. Singapore is a popular educational choice for many young Asians who want to learn English, and they get a quality education. This has kept our city vibrant."

Mr Lee said one of the challenges ahead is to decide whether to adopt British English or American English.

He said: "I think the increasing dominance of the American media means that increasingly our people, teachers and students will be hearing the American version, whether it is 'potatoes' or 'tomatoes'. They will be the dominant force through sheer numbers and the dominance of their economy.

"I believe we will be exposed more and more to American English and so it might be as well to accept it as inevitable and to teach our students to recognise and maybe, to even speak American English."

Turning to the future, Mr Lee stressed that communication skills are one of the most important competencies needed in the 21st century workforce.

He said Singapore has built a good English language foundation for its students, with achievements in international benchmark tests like the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and Progress in International Reading Study (PIRLS) being well documented.

But he felt that Singapore can do better and must help every child to attain higher standards in English. Singapore's best students must also be able to hold their own internationally.

For this, Mr Lee added that the home background played an important role in developing good English language skills.

So to maintain the high standards of English competency in Singapore, he said there is a need to ensure that from the time a child steps into kindergarten, he is exposed to good English.

Mr Lee said: "Our schools must provide a rich language environment. There must be a strong reading culture where children can access and enjoy good books. There must be a culture of oracy. Opportunities must be given to students to speak in English. Students must present information and ideas, to clarify and to debate robustly with each other in English."

Also, developing a high level of English language competency in students cannot be the work of the English teacher alone.

Mr Lee said that it is the responsibility of every teacher who teaches subjects in English. They must use good English when they question, speak and write in the classroom and they are the best role models for children, if the young are to be effective communicators.