Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Resolution of the 9th Congress of the Lao People�s Revolutionary Party

(KPL) The 9th National Congress of the Lao People�s Revolutionary Party ran from March 17-21, 2011 in Vientiane and was attended by 576 delegates representing 191,780 Party members nationwide.

The congress tabled, discussed and adopted important issues of the Party and the nation in an atmosphere of positivity, cohesion and solidarity, and concluded with sound outcomes as follows:
The congress profoundly discussed and unanimously adopted the political report of the 8th Party Central Committee presented to the 9th Congress by Party Secretary General Choummaly Sayasone.

The congress agreed with the assessment of the implementation of the resolution adopted by the 8th Congress, particularly the outstanding achievements made in the national defence and security tasks, socio-economic development, improvements to and restoration of state administration systems, the united front and mass affairs of the Party, foreign affairs, international integration, and Party and personnel building. The achievements made over the past five years have laid a foundation to further boost the growth of our country along the set roadmap and destination.

Delegates contributed frank opinions on the shortcomings of the Party�s leadership, which caused the implementation of focal work in some areas to fail to achieve set targets, particularly the shortcomings in leadership and supervision attributed to the slow translation of guidelines into detailed plans and projects by line agencies and local organisations.

This caused time-consuming delays in implementation, particularly regarding issues of rural development associated with production promotion on a commercial basis to alleviate poverty. Additionally, economic growth is not sustainably strong as it is still based primarily on the mining sector and exports of raw natural resources. Other shortcomings included development in some areas of the social sector failing to meet set targets, and socially negative behaviour trends increasing.

The congress called for acceleration to intensively address the shortcomings in order to bring positive change in implementing the Party�s guidelines.

The congress clearly specified the causes resulting in the shortcomings and later adopted the conclusion of lessons learnt into the implementation of the Party�s guidelines. The five-point above mentioned lessons learnt are regarded as important for the further leadership and supervisory role of the Party in general, and Party Committees at all levels across the country.
The lessons learnt are as follows:

1. The strengthening of cohesive solidarity of all Lao people and unity within the Party are the basic factors to guaranteeing political stability and are associated with the creation of a social environment of security, safety and order, which are all basically important conditions for successfully implementing the nation�s two strategic tasks and international integration.

2. A need for enhancement of the role and ruling capacity of the Party to meet requirements in all sectors, particularly the leadership and supervision of all state organisations in translating the Party�s general guidelines and directions into detailed plans and projects in a correct and timely manner that is compatible with the potential and peculiarities of each locality.

Additionally, the enhancement of the potential of the economic sector and the people of all social strata to participate in the implementation is an essential condition for the successful execution of the Party�s guidelines.

3. Greater supervisory command coupled with unity and deep manners by Party Committees at each level and each sector across the country, combined with attention to nurturing and enhancing the knowledge and competence of officials and the follow up and motivation of Party members and officials to uphold their exemplary roles in implementing their duty with a high sense of responsibility to guarantee the successful implementation of the Party�s guidelines.

4. Focus work on projects at the grass-roots level continuously, regularly monitoring compatibility with local peculiarities and conducting regular assessments of each step of work. Define problems in accordance with reality and in association with rapid, vigilant and confident decision-making to address issues. Praising and rewarding those with good performance in a timely manner is important to implementing the Party�s guidelines successfully.

5. A consistent foreign policy of peace, independence, friendship, and constant cooperation, together with internal improvements for domestic strength and intensive commitment to fulfil obligations and commitments to create trust and be a good cooperation partner with international friends. This is the essential condition to attract support, assistance and cooperation from international friends in order to implement and realise the Party�s guidelines.

Based on important achievements in several aspects made over the past five years, the congress affirmed the decision made to lead the nation towards prosperity and strength, lead the people towards prosperity and create a cohesive and conciliatory society with democracy, justice, and civilisation under the slogan �Enhancing the cohesive solidarity of the Lao nation and unity within the Party, Upholding the leadership role and capacity of the Party, Devising a breakthrough approach for the implementation of the renovation policy, Creating a solid basis for lifting our nation from underdevelopment by 2020, and Advancing further towards the socialism destination�.