Saturday, April 24, 2010

Healthy lifestyles prevent dementia

A new study shows that individuals can easily prevent vascular cognitive impairment, a common form of dementia, with healthy lifestyles.

Vascular cognitive impairment (VCI) is the second most common form of dementia often mistaken for Alzheimer's.

The condition is characterized by cognitive impairment due to or associated with vascular factors, such as narrowed or blocked cerebral arteries.

According to the study published in Mayo Clinic Women's HealthSource, it is possible to prevent or postpone VCI as its vascular risk factors are treatable.

Scientists believe individuals can tackle the condition by lowering blood pressure, quitting smoking and keeping blood sugar and cholesterol levels under control.

VCI shares Alzheimer's symptoms such as confusion, agitation, language and memory problems, and unsteady gait and falls.

On the contrary to AD, a declining ability to organize thoughts and actions should be considered the first symptom of the condition.