Friday, December 25, 2009

Tomato gel better than aspirin?

A natural ingredient found in tomato seeds can help maintain a healthy blood circulation by preventing blood from clotting, new clinical trials have found.

Discovered in 1999 by Professor Asim Dutta-Roy, the tomato-based ingredient, derived from the gel around tomato seeds, can improve blood flow.

The colorless and tasteless gel prevents the clumping of blood platelets, reducing the risk of clot formation, in a similar way to aspirin but with no side effects.

Patented as “Fruitflow”, the gel is believed to act by targeting several platelet aggregation pathways rather than just one.

The onset of the effects is within three hours of its consumption and may last for some 18 hours, making it ideal for daily consumption, the British researchers reported. Scientists suggested that adding the gel to certain foods can overcome the need for daily aspirin for warding off the risk of cardiovascular events.