Friday, July 11, 2008

PM confirms to maintain economic stability

(KPL) The Government tries to further push forward the national economic growth by strongly keeping stability of macro-economy in which commodity price control and inflation prevention.

This was confirmed by Prime Minister Bouasone Bouphavanh on the first day of the National Assembly meeting on 7 July. He said this policy and measure on national economic control would be taken into account.

The economic controlling policy and measure will be taken into action the government is strongly to spur and promote the productivity and services by facilitating to all levels of business units, including small-medium enterprises.

This is to create those businesses manufacturing new products and have more income to their families. In the implementation of appropriate policy on promotion it is necessary to reduce production costs and facilitate services in line with unstable conditions of energy.

The Government will inject more funds into the improvement of irrigation system nationwide which links the investment of rice production and foodstuff. Along with the construction of national rice reserve to ensure foodstuff safety and adjust the food price appropriately.

This key is able to control rice and food price. So the Government will issue a regulation for managing the factor of production and raw materials price for agriculture production practice such as hybrid seeds, fertiliser and animal feeds.

The Government will seek some subsidised policy on energy to encourage the rice and foodstuff production, and releasing credit loan for planting crops and livestock production. This should be looked back about the loans have been done so far, particularly in term of loan and other service fees.

Dispatching technical officials to help local farmers in focal seven plains and 14 small plains, other government’s project on agriculture development projects should be paid attention.

In order to raise the production capacity of energy and mining, it needs to talk with investors for creating all conditions for supporting them operating other exploring projects. This prompts to employment and income for locals.

For the ongoing projects of production activities, such as hydroelectricity, gold, copper, lignite and coal, the need is to help increase production.The implementation of renewable energy projects in substitution of petrol is critical. It should be done urgently.