Monday, June 30, 2008

Laos to generate electricity over 3 billion kw/h by 2008

KPL) Laos plans to increase electricity production over 3,700 million Kw/h in 2008, according to the Ministry of Energy and Mining.
Electricity will be distributed throughout country more than 1,400 million Kw/h worth US$75.54 million totally to ensure domestic consumption and goods production, especially in remote areas and focal development areas.Over 60% of households countrywide will gain access to the electricity system and plans to export over 1.9 billion Kw/h which draw over US$91 million in this year, said Ministry of Energy and Mining.
At present, many hydropower construction projects are being constructed namely Nam Thuen II, Seset II, Nam Ngum II, Sekhaman III, Nam Lik ½, Nam Ngum V, Nam Ngone, Nam Thuen I and Nam Ngum III.On the other hands, the plan will push forward to expand other construction hydropower and power plants projects including Thuen Hin Boun, Hongsa lignite power plant, Nam Nhiep I and Nam Sim, northern area rural power distribution and rural electrification projects.
Under the annual plan, the installation of 115kv power grid connecting from Ban Hard of Laos to Cambodia border checkpoint should be promoted to operate. The installation of transmission line connects from Seset I dam to Saravan province would also be built. For the installation of transmission line runs from Borikhamsay to khammouan and Savannakhet provinces must be constructed as plan.
The power grid installation project stretches from Xieng khouang-Samnuea- Oudomsay-Phongsaly and Luang Namtha-Bokeo are also preparing for construction.

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